What is Affiliate Marketing and Why Can It Make You Rich?

A lot of Pinoys are curious about what is affiliate marketing and how you can earn through it. In this blog post, paguusapan natin kung ano ba talaga ang affiliate marketing and how it works.

TripAdvisor: How Does It Earn?

Do you like to travel? Have you come across the website TripAdvisor? This website lets you book flights, hotels, and restaurants easily, and all for free. Naisip mo ba kung bakit ito free? Trip Advisor is one of the most successful companies that do affiliate marketing. What they do is this: they promote travel companies, hotels, etc. to website visitors, and they earn a commission for each booking. If they earn $10 for each booking and they have a thousand bookings each month, that’s $10,000 a month in commission!

So What is Affiliate Marketing?

 Affiliate marketing is promoting a company’s product (or services) and earning a commission every time someone buys because of you. Let’s look at this image: what is affiliate marketing philippines From https://promoaffiliates.com/affiliate-marketing/affiliate-marketing-content/ As you can see, there are four people involved in affiliate marketing: the advertiser/merchant, the publisher/affiliate (this is you!), the consumer, and the affiliate network. Here’s what happens. The advertiser produces the products/services and wants to make more sales by reaching more consumers. It realizes that a great way to do this is to partner with a publisher/affiliate. The publisher can be a blogger, a website owner, or a social media influencer. This affiliate interacts with many consumers and can influence them to buy the advertiser’s products/services. An affiliate network is a platform that connects advertisers and publishers. An example of this is Amazon Affiliates. The beauty of affiliate marketing is you don’t have to invest time and money in developing a product or service. You just have to think of a product/service that you’d like to promote, apply for online affiliate marketing programs, and start promoting.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

 You can quickly become an affiliate if you know the steps you need to do. Here is a brief breakdown of the steps on how to become an affiliate marketer:
  1. Choose your niche.
Ang una mong gagawin ay pumili ng isang profitable niche. For a list of the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing, check this out. Also, if you plan on promoting on your blog, make sure the products/services that you’ll promote is aligned with your blog’s niche. If you blog about beauty and skin care, it doesn’t make much sense to advertise arts and crafts materials, right?
  1. Look for companies that offer affiliate marketing programs.
 Once you have a niche, you now need to look for companies that offer affiliate programs in this niche. For this step, we need the help of our friend Google. Go to Google.com.ph and search for “niche + affiliate + Philippines”. To show an example, I searched for “skincare + affiliate + Philippines” and got this result: how to become an affiliate marketer philippines Then check each of the results and see which ones you can apply for. Consider the commission fee is and the other terms and conditions of the affiliate program. If you don’t want the hassle of looking for companies one by one, then try Amazon Affiliates and Clickbank Affiliate programs, two of the biggest affiliate networks today.
  1. Advertise on your website or social media accounts.
 Once you’re accepted into an affiliate program, it’s now time to start earning! If you have a blog with good monthly traffic, this is a great place to start. You can also promote the products/services in your social media accounts. If you’re really serious about making money, consider creating a Facebook or Instagram ad campaign as well.

Ready to start earning?!

 Now that you know what is affiliate marketing, you’re one step closer to earning money online. If you know how to look for a profitable niche and generate leads and sell the product/service, you can definitely make a fortune here. Got questions or tips to share? Leave them below!