Lazada Affiliate Program Review | Success or Horror Stories

Lazada Affiliate Program Review 2018
In a previous blog post, we talked about the Lazada Affiliate Program and how to apply for it. Writing it made us ask: are people really earning from this? Does it treat its affiliates right? So we’ve decided to write a BS-free Lazada Affiliate Program review that will tell us:
  • What are the pros and cons of the Lazada Affiliate Program?
  • Are there real people who have actually earned from it?
  • Is this profitable or just a huge waste of time?
Curious ka na ba? Keep reading our Lazada Affiliate Program review to find out what affiliates have to say about this program and if you should give it a try.

Pros and Cons of the Lazada Affiliate Program

We saw mixed opinions about this program. Some affiliates love it, some hate it. And that’s not such a surprising thing considering the size of this program. An affiliate program as big as that is bound to have weak points. These are notable benefits of the program:
  1. It’s free and easy to register for the program. I mean, you get to earn money on the side without paying for it.
  2. Lazada has many customers. This increases your chances of making sales.
  3. Some affiliates have had positive experiences when it comes to regular and fast payouts.
 These are more like reasons for joining the program, but affiliates have voiced out complaints about the program as well: 1. The commission rate is low. This is the commission rate structure of the program: Lazada affiliate program review commission rate So if you sell a P15,000 SmartTV, you’ll only get P750 in commissions. 2. According to some affiliates, the validation of sales is super slow. When you make a sale, a team in Lazada first validates if the sale was successfully made. Like if the customer really paid and received the item. This took months for some affiliates. 3. Some of the conversions (sales) are also rejected due to a number of reasons we have no idea about. You’re left to guess why some of your sales are rejected. You can hear the disappointment in this affiliate’s comment: Their validation process is SLOW. Not all conversions will be approved, I had some rejected already. (jsanmiguel)

But…Have Real People Earned from This Program?

 Absolutely. At least, according to these guys: They have been paying me every 15th of the month…I’m already earning between $1,000 to $2,000 per month. (globalexperts) My earnings from the Lazada Affiliate Program has been very healthy. On average, it makes up about 30% of my earnings and reaches up 50% to 60% when they hold a sale with additional incentives for affiliates. – Daniel Gubalane Sounds promising, eh? Well, it is, but this is the unspoken truth: earning anywhere near $1,000 a month in this program takes an equal dose of determination and expertise in marketing. With a commission rate like that, you’ll need to get thousands of clicks per day to make a fortune.

Profitable Or Just a Huge Waste of Time?

If you know how to get a steady and healthy amount of daily traffic, and if you manage to sell a lot of products, sure, this is profitable. But, for me, the best thing to do is to not rely on it too much. Use it but use other money-making programs as well. Try Amazon or Clickbank Affiliates, Google Adsense, Nuffnang, and even sell your own products. Based on the affiliates’ comments, relying on Lazada Affiliates alone is bound to leave you disappointed (and hungry!) for months down the road. It also largely depends on your audience. If most of your audience seldom buy online, then there is really no point in being an affiliate of Lazada. (Read this if you want to know how to understand your audience.) You also have to consider if your niche matches Lazada. Most blogs that earn as a Lazada Affiliate are tech and fashion blogs because those are Lazada’s usual products. If yours is about books, consider looking elsewhere.

Was This Lazada Affiliate Program Review Helpful?

We hope that our Lazada Affiliate Program review helped show you the pros and cons of the Lazada Affiliate Program and help you decide if it’s a program worth pursuing. Got Lazada affiliate success or horror stories to share? Consider sharing it with us! Your stories will be an immense help for other Filipinos looking to earn online.