How To Create An Automated Comment Reply On Facebook Post Comments

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FB Marketing Master | The Multi-use FB Marketing tool every marketer must have..

This tool allows you to create an auto reply for every post – not only that, it can also serve as your chat bot, email and SMS tool.

For this lesson, let’s focus on one of its many features – the Comment Auto Reply.

Watch the video above to see how this works..

You can also see a step-by-step process via the screenshot below.

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❓ Why You Need To Use Post Comment Automation


Building engagement for your post is one of the positive signals that Facebook A.I is looking for to increase your post’s Engagement Ranking Score..


So What is an Engagement Ranking Score?

Facebook tells us that:

“Engagement rate ranking explains how your ad’s expected engagement rate compared to ads competing for the same audience. The expected engagement rate calculates the likelihood that a person will click, react to, comment on, share or expand an ad. Engagement-baiting (For example, asking for likes, comments, and so on) will not improve your ad’s performance.”

Meaning…. the more you engage with your customers – your Relevance score increases, which means that you’ll get more reach for a cheaper cost (lower CPM).


Not only does it makes your CPM lower, but it also saves you a lot of time. You won’t have to reply on every single post of your customers.

We always get same Comments in our Facebook Ads Post which demands same reply – in fact, that’s the majority of the comments our post gets.

In that case, it’s wise to use automation for repetitive tasks… This makes our work more time efficient.


On this time where our customers demand faster response rate – then there’s only one way to make them happy… just respond FASTER!

Problem is we are not all the time on our work station, so in that case, we need an Automation..

If we can get back to our customers quickly – then it creates a positive impact. They get quick response for an information that they are seeking.. Now that makes our business more “Customer Friendly”..


Not only do we save money by getting lower CPM, we can also save money by not having to hire a lot of VA’s.

With a comment automation, we get 85% percent of the work DONE…

❓ Step-by-Step Procedure

Step By Step Guide:

  1. Sign-up/Login to
  2. Then click “Login to Facebook”
  3. Select Pages then go through the process
  4. After the FB pages import process, you will be redirected inside the FB Marketing Master interface
  5. Once inside, just click “Import Account” at the left-hand side menu.
  6. Then click the small “Plug” icon on the Page you want to enable the auto comment reply.
  7. Once you get a success notification, then just click “Comment Automation”.
  8. Then click “Automation Campaign”
  9. Then select the Page you want to work with.
  10. Then on the 3rd column, on the right-hand side, locate the post you want to enable the comment reply automation.
  11. Once the post has been located, click the small “gear” icon then click “Enable Auto Reply”
  12. The Auto Reply Setting Interface will pop-up. Then set the “Use Template” option to “no”.
  13. Set to yes the “Do you want to send reply message to a user multiple times?”, “Do you want to enable comment reply? “, and “Do you want to like on comment by page?” options
  14. Then select the “Send message by filtering word/sentence
  15. Then put your campaign name
  16. Put your “Filter Words”
  17. Put your auto reply content on those filter words
  18. Add as many filter word and reply content as needed
  19. Then put a default reply.
  20. Click submit and save
  21. and you’re DONE!
❓ Screenshots of the Process

Screenshots of the Process:

When you’re at, simply click “Login” (Even if you don’t have an account yet.)
Then login via Google or Facebook (Recommended that you use Login with Facebook)
Click Continue
Select the pages that you want to use
then make sure all options are set to “yes”
Click ok
Then you will be redirect on the FBMM dashboard. Once here, just click “Import Account”
Then click the “Plug” icon button to enable bot connection
click OK
Success notification will appear
then click “Comment Automation”
then click “Automation Campaign”
Select the page you want to work with.
Locate the post you want to enable the auto reply, then click the small “gear” button, then click the “Enable auto reply” link
then the comment reply creation interface will pop-up. Just set the “use saved template” option to “no”
set to yes the “Do you want to send reply message to a user multiple times?“, “Do you want to enable comment reply? “, and “Do you want to like on comment by page?” options. Select the “Send message by filtering word/sentence” option then input your campaign name.
then input your “Filter Words” and it’s auto reply content. Add as many filter words and reply content as needed by clicking the “Add More Filtering” button.
Put a default reply content then click “Save and Submit”
You’re DONE!


Automation is the only efficient way forward…

But simple automation is not enough, we need to automate our process while producing a good customer user experience…

With the FB Marketing Master automation, we can create highly relevant comments, targeted to our customer’s specific information request – QUICKLY!

In effect, we are hitting three birds in one stone – Pleasing our customers while saving time and money.