6 Weeks Elite Mentorship Program


🤔What’s inside this Elite Master Group?

  1. Actual classes every week
    • 4 Hours (Strict Time Implementation – No Filipino Time);
    • Classroom Located at Unit 204, Prince David Condominium, Katipunan Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines (https://goo.gl/maps/BUWPeAojFAE2)
    • Bring your own Laptop
  2. Hands-On Approach Teaching (Like a tutor)
  3. Learn Secret Tools and Techniques
    • Get access to the “first-in-the-Philippines -ever-tools”.
  4. Student to Student Accountability System
  5. Project Based Approach – Do or Die 😜
    • With actual and project-based assignments
    • Your output will be assessed (get recommendations for improvement)
    • Your progress will be tracked – will call you to monitor where you are on your eCom business implementation. (with encouragements if you lose motivation)
  6. No fluff – straight to the point lessons
  7. Scheduled Coaching Calls Per Student (call me direct if something goes wrong)
  8. Start from scratch – forget the past!

Don’t assume it all works! Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and do everything they will do.

🎓After the program, these are results that you can get, to Learn and Implement the following:

  1. Online Store (Less Hustle – More Result)
    • High Converting [Best Value]
    • Professional Looking
    • Fast Loading
    • Zero-upkeep Cost | Zero-maintenance cost
  1. Find your very own profitable product/s
    • Learn 27 different kinds product research methods
    • Learn how to get products your competitor does not know
  2. Importing and Exporting Products from China
    • Supplier Research
    • Supplier Relations Management
    • Shipping and handling
  3. Marketing Know-How
    • Branding (the necessity and its practical application)
    • Ad Copywriting (very important skill)
    • The secrets of Facebook Ads Marketing (Taught only in this class)
    • Facebook Ads management (the right metrics)
    • Crafting Irresistible Offers
    • Designing high converting creatives (images and videos)
    • Retargeting and Remarketing
  4. Designing and Building Your Funnels
    • Learn how to create an effective value ladder
    • Learn about One-click upsells
    • Downsells and Crossells
    • How to implement Order Bumps
    • Taking advantage of Pop-ups
  5. Managing Your Local eCom Business
    • Manpower
    • Returns Prevention and Management
    • Customer Support Management
    • Cashflow
    • Investment
  6. Scaling and Expanding
    • Shoulder Niches
    • FB Ads Scaling

The more you know about the how your customers discover your brand and make purchasing decisions, the better equipped you will be to execute on all other aspects of your business..

🗓 What’s the schedule?

We have opened 2 Sections, please see schedule below:

Section Hustle | Saturday Classes – 9am to 2pm
Section Grind | Sunday Classes – 9am to 2pm

For Section Hustle | Saturday Classes
Week 1: January 26
Week 2: February 2
Week 3: February 9
Week 4: February 16
Week 5: February 23
Week 6: March 2

For Section Grind | Sunday Classes
Week 1: January 27
Week 2: February 3
Week 3: February 10
Week 4: February 17
Week 5: February 24
Week 6: March 3

🙋 Who Should Join This?

  1. Committed and hungry students only. (Please bawal pasaway)
  2. Hungry for results – pero best if you are “desperate for results”
  3. With own Laptops
  4. Within or Near Metro Manila (Can commit to attend weekly classes regularly)
  5. You already have capital for your eCom business, so you can start and implement ASAP (30k and above)
  6. With credit card or Paypal
  7. Basic knowledge in WordPress and Facebook Ads

🎁let's spice things up! students will get immense bonuses!

🔥 Bonus#1:
Get a WordPress Premium Theme worth P3,100.00, the Flasome Theme.
This theme is built for speed, simplicity and beauty. Every WordPress store owner should use this expensive but awesome theme!

🔥 Bonus#2:
Elite students will also get premium plugins worth P13,300.00
These are quite expensive plugins but if you want to increase your average customer order value and get a no-brainer increase in sales, then these plugins are MUST HAVE! But guess what, you won’t have to buy them yourselves because Elite Students will get these for FREE!

🔥 Bonus#3:
Get access to the first ever Facebook Marketing Tool to ever launch in the Philippines! Get the FB Auto Comment reply. With this software, you can program a specific reply based on the inquiry/comment of the customer on your Facebook post. This tool charges P1,000 per month but it will be FREE for the Elite Students!

🔥 Bonus#4:
Get a bonus P500 worth of SMS Load! Use it to notify customers about thier order, for SMS abandonment campaign, bulk promotional messages to customers, Order updates and more!

🔥 Bonus#5:
Get access to a lot of valuable resources to help you manage and grow your business. Resources includes “Facebook Ads Targeting Cheatsheet”, “RFQ Template”, “SMS and Email Abandon Scripts”, “Supplier Management Tracker”, “Product Launching Checklist”, “Product Validator”, “Price Calculator”, “Survival of the Fittest FB Ads Simulator”, “Product Idea Lists”, “Customs Brokerage Firm List” and many more! Value: P2,500

🔥 Bonus#6:
Be a part of the Elite Group Chat. There will be Video Calls and Webinars for students inside this special group. Get instant update. Be a part of a community who hungers for success on the eCommerce field.

Let’s back up a little bit and actually internalize how much these bonuses are worth… simple math, it’s total worth is P19,900!! 😱😱😍


Even just the bonuses will be enough to cover the cost by enrolling on the Local eCommerce Course…

But the best value that you can get is… you will be part of the few which I will dedicate my time and energy for this one and only goal—-> YOUR SUCCESS!!! It’s one thing to learn on your own, but it’s on an entirely different level if you have a special team to hold you accountable, and a dedicated mentor to nurture and train you.. and what’s the worth of this advantage? Priceless!!! ✨


  • Money Back Guarantee If You Find the Lessons being taught as “Just Average” – and you’re not getting any value for your money..

  • Money Back Guarantee If You Don’t Produce Result within 8 Weeks (Of course – Given on the premise that you’re not being lazy and you did exactly as instructed… 😉 )


You need to hurry… this is limited only for the first 25 students!!!

Learning experience will be more effective if the classroom is dedicated to a few students only… It will be too messy if there’s too much students to mentor.. That’s why securing your slot for this very important.. Getting special treatment as an elite student, and being mentored on a stable and controlled environment will enhance your learning experience…

Pre-Register NOW and secure your slot!!!

3 Gives
per month for 3 months
Premium Theme
Worth $60
Premium Plugins
Worth $187
Scheduled Coaching Calls
6 Sessions Actual Class
Being part of the Elite Group Chat
Elite T-Shirt
2 Gives
per month for 2 months
Premium Theme
Worth $60
Premium Plugins
Worth $187
Scheduled Coaching Calls
6 Sessions Actual Class
Being part of the Elite Group Chat
Elite T-Shirt

🛑25 Students Only.🛑