Dropshipping Philippines: Exclusive Interview with Richie Salvador

dropshipping philippines success story
Pwede kaya ‘to sa Pilipinas? This is what most Filipinos would ask when they hear about how profitable the dropshipping business can be. Is dropshipping Philippines possible? To put an end to all your doubts, here we will share with you an exclusive written interview with none other than Mr. Richie Salvador! Woot! This man is fast becoming a legend in the Philippine e-commerce scene for his notable success not only in a dropshipping Philippines business but also in e-book publishing.  So, without further ado, here’s our interview with Mr. Richie. Take down notes, and prepare to be inspired!

Dropshipping Philippines: Interview with Richie Salvador

When and why did you start dropshipping?

I started August 2016. That’s last year.

What was it like when you first started?

I have been a freelancer for over 4 years prior and my experience of setting up a store was pretty easy. I was able to setup a store and uploaded products within a day. 3 days after, I am already getting sales. I think people make things too complicated and thinking too much. I just get things done even if I don’t know how to do it first. For me, taking actions is way more important.

When did you make your first sale?

After 3 days. I first started with FB ads but I lose money there at first. The main reason is I don’t really know how FB ads work. I don’t know how to kill or scale the ad. I had some success with Instagram influencers though. Was able to test multiple products using influencers until I found a product that works me. I focus on that market and until now my store is focused on that market.

When did you start seeing major success?

I started Aug 2016 and I think I was able to hit 5-figures in November 2016. So I guess after 3 months. I was slowly transition into FB Ads that time and that’s when I was able to scale my business pretty fast.

What would you say are the principles/techniques/habits responsible for your success?

Focus. I am a victim of Shiny Object Syndome. Doing a lot of “money making opportunities” but it didn’t really give me great results until I focus on dropshipping business. I didn’t enroll in any course. I joined groups and watched Youtube videos. Most of my success are just applying what I learned from people. It’s all about testing and taking actions. 80% actions and 20% learning.

What is your favorite marketing tool?

FB Ads hands up. Once you mastered it, it is by far the best marketing tool you can use. Second is Instagram influencers. I am not talking about IG ads using FB but IG accounts and people who want to endorse or market your product or brand. Then there is Google Adwords and SEO and don’t forget Email marketing and the new trend, Messenger bots. Again, 80% of marketing and traffic comes from FB so that’s where I mainly focused now.
Dropshipping Philippines Richie Salvador
Richie Salvador, a man who focuses and takes action to achieve success!

What advice can you give to other Filipinos who want to start and succeed at dropshipping?

Make sure you have enough money to lose when you are starting. Just like any traditional business, you have to spend some money to make money. The advantage of dropshipping is you don’t have to invest in buying your inventory when you are starting. You can setup a store and sell products even if you don’t have them. For beginners, invest on honing your skills. FB Ads is expensive if you don’t know how to use it. So make sure to learn and learn and of course take actions. ———- There you have it! Wise words from the man himself. If you’re dead serious about succeeding in a dropshipping Philippines business, if I were you I’d bookmark this page so I can go back to it when I need some tips or encouragement. To stay updated on Richie’s whereabouts and future speaking events, here’s where you can find him: Pinoy Dropshipper Facebook Page — this is his own Facebook page where he gives really awesome dropshipping tips Pinoy Dropshipper Facebook Group RichieSalvador.com Got questions about dropshipping or any related experiences you want to share? Drop by the comments section!