Amazon Associates: 11 Reasons Why You Should Join Now

amazon associates Philippines
The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program is the biggest affiliate program in the world, and its tremendous growth tells us that Amazon knows what it’s doing. But in case you need more reasons to join Amazon Associates, well, here’s 11 of ‘em!

1. People trust Amazon.

Amazon is a household name, a brand that millions of people associate with quality products and fast delivery. Sure, Amazon gets its fair share of shade, but it still is one of the most trusted e-commerce stores around.

2. Amazon has 300 million users.

 If you’re going to join an affiliate network, it makes sense to use one na merong sobrang daming users because if you can get a tiny slice of that 300-million userbase cake, that can easily mean thousands of pesos as passive income!

3. Amazon has high-quality products you won’t be ashamed of.

Now when you become an Amazon Associate, you don’t have to sell your soul and sell “lose waist fat bands” you know aren’t gonna work. There are tons of high-quality products that will actually satisfy buyers. Only promote quality products to protect your image and maintain your readers’ trust.

4. Joining is FREE.

 Yep, you can make money through Amazon Associates Affiliate Program for free. You don’t have to pay a single cent to get in. The only expenses you’ll have to worry about are those involved in putting up and maintaining your website.

5. The commission rate is simple and pretty generous.

 Amazon Affiliates now has a flat-rate commission percentage wherein the commission rate for each product category is fixed. See the image below for the commission rates per category.

become an amazon associates6. Amazon knows the art of converting visitors into buyers.

 Have you ever visited Once you get in, it’s impossible not to want to buy something! The site is just filled with suggested product displays and other prompts that are there for a reason. Amazon has managed to sell billions through the years, and it’s safe to say that they know how to convert an unassuming visitor into a happy customer.

7. Amazon Associates get paid for every purchase of their referrals.

Maybe you referred a person while promoting a super soft pillow, but when they land on Amazon using your referral link, they end up buying a smartphone case instead. You’ll still get a commission for that and for every purchase your referral makes!

8. Unlike dropshipping, you won’t have to worry about customer service!

 With dropshipping, even if you don’t have to worry about producing and delivering the actual products if something goes wrong with the delivery or the product quality, the blame is on you. But with Amazon Associates Program, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Amazon is the seller, you’re just the referrer.

9. Amazon has a great review feature.

Amazon has an amazing review feature wherein real customers can leave honest reviews for each product they purchase. So it’s really important for you to choose a product that’s both high-quality and has many great reviews. Seeing many 5- and 4-star reviews is often the final push for many buyers.

10. Amazon is easy to integrate with your website.

 There are more and more tools and plugins that can easily integrate Amazon Affiliate links into your website. For WordPress, there are plugins that will let you search for products and get their links without ever leaving WordPress. Joomla and Drupal also have Amazon Affiliates plugins.

11. You’ll love the holidays even more!

It’s not uncommon for Amazon affiliates’ earnings to spike up to four times their usual earnings during holiday seasons and special occasions. This includes Black Friday, Christmas, New Year, and Valentines’ Day. So what do you think? Does becoming an Amazon affiliate sound great? It does for me! 😉 Before you go, I think you’ll enjoy this blog post about the Amazon Affiliates Program and how it works: How To Earn Like Crazy: Join Amazon Affiliate Program.