How To Earn Like Crazy: Join Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program Philippines
For years, those who want to earn as an affiliate immediately fix their eyes on the Amazon Affiliate Program. This is the biggest affiliate network to date, one that has helped many make thousands of dollars a MONTH. Let’s look at as an example. This weird website sells gadgets and other stuff so outlandish that no one else will buy them. amazon affiliate program Who in their right mind would buy a non-lethal salt gun?? But it’s not so easy to ignore this website when you find out that it earns an estimated $20K+ a month!

What Exactly is the Amazon Affiliate Program? is arguably the largest e-commerce store on the planet, earning an estimated $256 million from January to September 2017 alone. This e-commerce giant connects sellers with buyers and earns a small fee for each purchase done on the website. One of the keys to Amazon’s success is the Amazon Affiliate Program founded in 1996. This program allows people to become Amazon affiliates, which means that they will earn a referral fee everytime someone buys a product on Amazon because of them. how much can you earn from amazon affiliate The model is simple and easy to understand, and if you crack the code like how did, you can make your first hundred thousand and even millions through this program.

How to Earn BIG TIME as an Amazon Affiliate

 All it takes is three ingredients to create the perfect Amazon-money-making recipe: A GREAT NICHE   +   A GREAT WEBSITE   +   GOOD MARKETING STRATEGY If you have a great niche, an affiliate website that looks great and gets many monthly visits, partnered with an aggressive marketing strategy, then you’ll surely make it as an Amazon Affiliate.
  1. Select a great niche.

 Your niche is the foundation of your whole affiliate marketing business. You’re going to be making product reviews, so you need to pick a niche that you are comfortable writing about in the next few years or so. And don’t select something too broad like “ebooks”. Narrow it down by selecting the genre, intended readers, and so on. For a list of potential niches, click here. 
  1. Produce great content.

There is a lot that goes into making a great website with many monthly visits, but maybe the most important factor is creating GREAT, USEFUL CONTENT. Who do you think people will buy from a sleazy guy they don’t know or a helpful guy that they trust? (Do I even have to ask?!) There are so many affiliate websites that produce worthless “product reviews” and product descriptions that make no sense. Don’t be that guy! What people want is an honest piece of content that will tell them the strengths and weaknesses of a product. If you want to become a trusted Amazon Affiliate, consistently produce content that truly helps them.

How Much Can You Earn from Amazon Affiliate Program?

In the past years, Amazon worked in a “sell more – earn more” commission structure. The more you sell, the higher your commission rates will be. But effective last March 1, 2017, all commission rates are now a flat-rate commission percentage based on the category of a product. This new Amazon Affiliate commission structure is simpler but less profitable for those who are selling a lot of products in a month. become an amazon affiliate Despite the new commission structure, the rates are still pretty good, making the Amazon Affiliate Program still lucrative to join.

Should You Become an Amazon Affiliate?

If you want to have a steady stream of passive income down the road, then YES! Being an affiliate is a very lucrative venture if done right and a rewarding experience as well. If you have any questions or experiences with the Amazon Affiliate Program, share it with us below!