5 Ways To Earn Money Using Facebook Advertising [2019 Philippines]

On this Article, pag-uusapan natin ang mga paraan how you can earn money using Facebook Advertising…

Individuals and companies alike has been using Facebook Ads to grow their businesses.

What are the ways you can earn using Facebook Advertising?..

Here.. I have listed 5 Ways how you can earn using Facebook Ads:

1.) First, Dropshipping

You will sell products online and your target market is Worldwide.. this method is called Dropshipping

This method will not require you to buy your products first before selling.. in fact, its the other way around.. ibebenta mo muna ang product using Facebook Advertising.. then pag may bumili na sayo, you will use that payment money to buy the product from a supplier at a low cost..

Syempre, ang selling price mo is mataas… Ang tubo mo, yan ang gagamitin mo pambayad sa Facebook Ads.. then ang matitira will be your profit.. 

With this method, ang supplier ang mag ship ng product to your customer.. so in effect.. ang gagawin mo lang talaga is research products, create an online store, then sell it using Facebook Ads…

But here’s the catch.. this is really really hard to do… di’ba parang ang dali pakinggan/basahin.. but the truth is.. it’s much harder than it looks. You would need P100,000 capital for Facebook Advertising before you start with Dropshipping to give you a higher chance of success.. the lesser your initial budget, the slimmer the chance of success..

There we have many Pinoys who has been really successful on Dropshipping..

Let’s discuss more on this soon.. but for now, let’s leave this topic muna at that..

Local eCommerce Philippines | Facebook Ads

2.) Local eCommerce

Second method is by doing Local eCommerce..

On this method, you will also sell products online.. but instead of selling it worldwide.. you will sell your products online here in the Philippines.. thus the term “local” eCommerce.

Ang difference ng Dropshipping sa local eCommerce is.. unlike Dropshipping, need mong bumili muna ng products in bulk.. then tsaka mo sya ibebenta online.. and the primary payment method is “Cash-on-delivery”.. alam mo naman dito sa Pinas.. konti lang ang may credit card.. and kung meron man, mas prefer parin ng mga tao ang Cash On Delivery kesa magbayad muna bago ipadala ang product.. Pilipino is sigurista..

But here’s the good news… you will have a higher change to succeed in Local eCommerce than Dropshipping.. in fact.. this is what we are doing right now.. meron akong Local eCommerce store.. and we are already had almost 6 Million Pesos gross sales since January 2019 til May 2019.. margin namin is around 25% clean profit.. and we are growing in sales month-by-month..

As you can see, mas madali ang success rate sa method na ito.. kasi nga mas mura ang Facebook advertising fee pag ang target market mo is Philippines..

The best method in doing Local eCommerce is by using Sales Funnel…

I hate to say but, bibitinin ko muna kayo sa topic na ito.. I will also discuss more on this soon.. proceed muna tayo sa next method…

JHow to earn money using facebook ads | Virtual assistant

3.) Facebook Advertiser Virtual Assistant

You can also do Facebook Advertising for a client.. actually.. this is quite a lucrative job.. foreign businesses pay in average of $1000 per month for this job…

With this method.. you would need to actually learn Facebook Advertising and make your clients business grow..

Facebook Advertisers are highly sought after.. lalo na yung may proven na track record na talaga.. the more skillful you are, the higher the pay..

But siguro tanong mo.. what if nag sisimula ka palang mag learn ng Facebook Ads? Makakakuha ka ba ng client?… the answer is yes.. but you would have to “fake it ’til you make it”… or you can offer a free service na muna for small businesses for like a month or two.. and after meron ka na profile, and meron ka a track record, then you can charge na per month..

Sample na magiging clients mo are the following:

  • Real Estate Professionals who wants to get leads using Facebook Ads
  • eCommerce store owners who have no time to do product research and testing products on Facebook Ads
  • Service providers like dentists who want to get more clients to visit their shop..
  • Restaurant who want to get more customers..
  • Start-ups who want to promote their upcoming products.. and so on and so forth…

Like the others, let’s discuss more on this soon… where to find clients and etc etc.. Let’s proceed to another method..

4.) Promoting and Branding your Product or Services:

Sa method na to.. required na meron ka muna existing na business.. and you can get more profit/income by having more customers because of Facebook Ads promotion..

If before you are only doing group posts to promote your product/services.. then this time, you can reach more people ang get higher chance to find customers using Facebook Ads..

Sa Facebook Ads kasi, you can target people who would most likely be interested on your product.. All you have to do is have a thorough market research kung paano itatarget ang customers mo.. then ran ads to them..

If you are a business na serious in making it sustainable over the years to come.. a business who can invest in branding.. then that would be a really really good move… Facebook Ads is the best way to build your brand…

Branding… is a long game to play.. but a very profitable one once meron kang patience to actually wait for your R.O.I kahit matagal.. A business with a good brand will survive longer and can charge higher than their competitors..

Branding in Facebook is different from running TV or Newspaper Ads… kasi in Facebook, if you want to build a brand, then you need to have a solid Content Marketing strategy..

Content marketing is providing valuable content to your target market in order to position your brand as the top brand on their mindset.. more on this also later..

Amazon Affiliate Program Philippines

5.) Affiliate Marketing:

Now.. you really have to be careful with this method.. malaki ang potential ng Affiliate Marketing.. but if done wrong.. magsusunog ka lang talaga ng pera..

Okay, what is Affiliate Marketing?…

Affiliate marketing is when you don’t own the product but you help in selling them and in return, you will get commission on every successful sale per referral.. in short.. kada referral may ka, may commission ka..

Many of you are familiar with this.. common Affiliate Sites are Amazon and Lazada, and Click Bank..

Here’s the sad part na lagi ko nakikita… I see a lot of people run Facebook Ads directly towards their target market then they directly refer them to the sales page ng Affiliate Partner nila… problem is, sobrang liit ng commission. Per sale nila sa Facebook Ads, they get commission, but ang bayad sa Facebook Ads per sale is greater than their commission per sale..

Ang result? LUGI…

This is not the way to do this..

The correct way to earn money on Affiliate using Facebook Ads is this:

  1. Choose a very specific niche with a proven target market size..
  2. Build a website.. build a Facebook Page/Group, build Instagram account (if applicable).. biuld a Youtube Channel etc. etc..
  3. Join the community and build authority.. Allow your target market on that Niche to recognize you as an entity which can be trusted.. meaning.. wag ka muna mag benta.. spend MONTHS muna building your audience..
  4. Build content around this niche.. offer free content.. and contribute to the community.. Create videos.. Blogs.. etc etc..
  5. Build a list.. article and messenger bot subscribers.. Youtube subscribers, FB Page and Instagram followers
  6. You can build Fans manually but it will take a long time… so in order to shortcut your way to build your audience JAN NA PAPASOK SI FACEBOOK ADS..
  7. Meaning.. Facebook Ads will be your tool to build your audience faster..
  8. If you have substantial list and people trust you.. ONLY THEN CAN YOU SELL TO THEM and point them to your Affiliate Products…
  9. This my friends is INFLUENCER MARKETING and this is the only proven way to build a sustainable Affiliate Business that will last for years and years…


There you have it!… I have taught you 5 Ways How To Earn Money Using Facebook Ads… actually ang dami pang methods how you can earn using Facebook Ads, but for simplicity.. I have listed only 5 ways…

May shortcut ba? Wala…

Quick Rich Scheme ba? Hindi..

Ma Effort ba? Oo..

But I tell you.. if you do this correctly.. you will get your return of investment and time..

Online Marketing is the FUTURE guys..

If you don’t jump on this opportunity… after a year.. you will look back and remember me… “Sana pala sinunod ko ang payo ni Colin at nag start na ako mag build ng brand/profile sa Social Media”…

I sincerely hope it will not come to that…

So what’s next?…

ABANGAN mo ang mga susunod pa nating article…

I will share more content around this topic soon..

See you sa susunod nating article..

Here To Help You Grow,
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Certified Professional Facebook Advertiser
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