4-Steps You Need To Implement To Avoid Failure In Facebook Ads

Already running Facebook Ad Campaigns?..

If yes… then after reading this article, evaluate whether need mo bang i-stop ang Facebook Ad Campaigns mo and do revisions by applying what you learn here…

or.. hopefully, you are already doing this… and keep improving on it..

and.. if you’re NOT running Facebook Ads yet, pero plan mo palang.. then this will be advantageous sayo.. kasi you will be able to increase the performance of your campaigns BIG TIME – and avoid running “lame” or walang kwentang ads…

So don’t run your Facebook Ad campaigns yet before you learn this…

The One Big Mistake

Look…. maybe we have met, or maybe not.. but I care for you…

I don’t want you to waste your hard earned money on Facebook Ads by doing this one mistake..


So on this article.. we will discuss how you can write Facebook Ads Message that sells…

Most advertisers neglect this.. as if, that this step is not important..

hindi optional ang pag susulat ng Facebook Ads Message.. this will actually make or break your advertising efforts..

Sige.. para we are in one page, let’s discuss muna what is an Ads Creative..

Ang Ads Creative is the part where you will put out your message..

This mainly consists the following:

  1. Ads Description
  2. Format
  3. Media
  4. Headline
  5. Sub-description
  6. Call to Action

In short, ito yung makikita ng mga tao once FB shows our Ads to them.. in effect, the Ads Creative is the FACE of your Brand..

Let’s compare the Ad Creatives below:

facebook ads creative | colzzky | good copy versus bad copy

check mo yung unang Ads versus sa pangwalang Ads..

Example, you love to travel… and pag ikaw pinakitaan ng dalawang ads na yan.. which of the two will you most likely respond to?

If you’re like me, than I would respond better on the 2nd Ad..

When running FB Ads, everytime na nakikita ang ads natin ng target market natin, Facebook will add a cost to our bill.. sinisingil tayo ni Facebook jan..

So para ka lang nag susunog ng pera if you NOT are using your best foot forward.

Practical application..

Here are the steps you need to take when creating Facebook Ads Copy (message):

1. Make a FeatureBenefit List

Make a list of features of your services/product.. then list their equivalent benefit..

This will NOT be your final piece.. but magiging guide mo to on how to craft your FB Ads copy/message..

Sample tayo.. travel and tours na business..

With Payment PlanYou won’t need to come up with a large amount of money. Enjoy a refreshing travel with less burden for your wallet.
Experienced GuidesExperienced guides are experts on the specific place you’re traveling. Meaning, you can gain insider information about the best places to go and places to shop rather than relying on hearsay.. take it from the expert!
Feature # 3
Benefit # 3
Feature # 4
Benefit # 4

Now, syempre, you need to come-up with more than two.. I’ve just listed two here for example purposes only and for stressing my point..

You actually need to brainstorm and list all possible feature that your product or service can offer.. then one by one, come-up with a benefit corresponding to that feature…

After completing this… do the next step:

2. Know your Target Market

What problems are your target market facing right now.. and how can your product solve it?..

Since meron ka nang Feature-benefit list.. then this will not be hard…

First, create a list of problems that your customers are facing…

then match it with each feature-benefit..


Problem 1: Wants to travel but no funds

Problem 2: Don’t know where to go

Problem 3: No VISA

Problem 4: etc..

Problem 5: etc…

After you’ve created a list of problems.. time to match with the feature-benefit list:

Wants to travel but no funds
With Payment Plan
You won’t need to come up with a large amount of money. Enjoy a refreshing travel with less burden for your wallet.
Problem 2
Feature 2
Benefit 2

After you have exhausted lahat ng mga possible problems.. and you have matched it with your Feature-Benefit list..

go to the next step…

3. Create message angles for each feature [FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER]:

It’s now time to formulate your winning message.. but here’s most important part..

Your message must FOCUS on the customer’s problems…

They are the HERO (not your company)…

Your company is just the helper so the hero can achieve their dreams..

Gets?.. now let’s proceed.

Example from our above scenario – gawan natin ng “Angle” ang feature na “With Payment Plan”..

You need to have a huge money on your wallet before you can travel.. right??


You don’t need to come up with a large amount of money. Enjoy a refreshing travel with less burden for your wallet.


Check-out our Payment Plan offer here: https://linktomyofferwebsite.colzzky.com

facebook ads creative | colzzky | creating a message

Now.. take a look at this Ads na ginawa ko..

Do you think that would be an offer na kakagatin ng mga mahilig mag travel?.. yes?..

So do this on each on every problem-feature-benefit list na ginawa mo…

Kasi you will need to SPLIT test this on you FB Ad Creatives to see which message/copy will resonate more on your target market…

Next.. proceed tayo sa napaka crucial na step…

4. Different Audience – Different Message

Last but often the most neglected…

Dapat mong i-consider kung saang stage na ang mga tao na gusto mong pakitaan ng ads..

  1. Cold Stage – this is the stage na hindi pa interested ang mga tao sa offer mo and hindi ka pa nila kilala
  2. Warm Stage – this is the stage that they seen your products/services.. but hesitant parin sila sa services mo. they are still looking elsewhere.
  3. Hot Stage – these people are your “Suki” – have they already done a transaction from you and is happy with your services.

Sa Facebook Ads kasi.. you can target those 3 types of people I’ve listed above..

You can use Core Audience and Look-alike Audience to target those who don’t know you..

and you can use Custom Audiences to target those who already know what you offer but haven’t done any transaction yet, or those people whom you consider “Suki”..

Each type of market needs different messages..


  1. For those hose who don’t know you – who don’t trust you yet – and those who have no interest in what you offer – then your message must be geared to trigger their curiosity.. so you can educate them and pique thier interest on what you offer… no sales pitch yet..
  2. For those who are interested on what you offer but don’t trust you yet – then you must show proof of previous successful transactions or testimonials of your previous happy clients..
  3. For those who trusts you and those who love what you offer – then wala nang paligoy-ligoy pa – ibigay mo na ang SALES PITCH MONG PINAKA-MALUPET!
  4. Sa mga Suki mo naman – offer them huge discounts para ma-engganyo sila to do another transaction with you..

okay…. the key is crafting your offer and message based on what stage they are in..

Now.. after learning the things taught here – are you now more confident in creating an Effective Facebook Ads Message?..

Hopefully so…

This marks the end of this lesson..

Actually this is a huge topic na need ng whole book to discuss..

But I believe this content will help you a lot on your advertising efforts..

Yours truly.. Colin aka Colzzky.. now signing-off…

Here To Help You Grow,

Colin Marcelino aka Colzzky
Colzzky Digitals Network LLC

P.S. Stay tuned sa mga susunod nating article.. for sure mabubusog ka ulit sa content..